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Prosper Stats has teamed up with Nickel Steamroller! I highly encourage you to check out our new website at The data on this site is still being updated, but this site will eventually go away as we are focusing all of our effort on the new site. Read our blog post for more information.

Welcome to Prosper Stats!

The whole idea behind credit scores and having credit profiles is that we have a standardized way to look at how well borrowers have performed in the past and can make a more informed decision on how well they will likely perform in the future. Prosper Stats is here to help you look at borrower past performance so you can make better lending decisions going forward.

This site is a combination of tools that help you analyze the data at the peer to peer (p2p) lending site The tools are designed so that the analysis can be turned into actionable plans to increase your ROI as a lender.

The main tool of Prosper Stats

Loan Analysis allows you to see how all the loans of Prosper 2.0 have performed and are currently performing. You can see detailed breakdowns of the different credit criteria and other information about the borrower and their loan to try and track down trends and patterns of what makes one borrower better than another. A quick and easy example of this at work is to look at a breakdown of HR loans where the borrowers are home owners versus the borrowers who are not home owners. The past 3 years of HR loans where borrowers are home owners are on track to return 3% more versus HR loans where the borrowers are not home owners. This is a pretty significant long term trend that has great potential for improving your returns if leveraged correctly, yet at the same time this is just a simple example that barely touches the tip of the iceberg of the ways you can slice and dice the data.

The loan analysis is controlled through an extensive list of search options. Two additional results tabs beyond the default loan analysis tab show the current active listings on Prosper that match your criteria as well as the secondary market listings on Folio that match your criteria. This expands the use of this tool beyond just loan analysis and allows it to double as an enhanced search tool to help you find listings on Prosper or Folio.

Legacy tools on Prosper Stats

(using data available through Feb 2013, these tools will eventually go away)

Top Lenders allows you to get a detailed view into how any individual lender is investing. You may not have any idea where to start looking for what makes a good borrower or maybe your ideas just aren't working out, or they are working but you think they can be made better. By looking at the Loan Analysis of some of the top lenders and slicing and dicing their individual portfolio with the same breakdowns available when looking at the entire Prosper loan portfolio you can see what patterns and trends they are following and incorporate them into your own strategies. And if all else fails, you can follow them on the Lender Activity page and see what Prosper Listings they are bidding on and play follow the leader bidding on what they do.

Previously Late Loans helps you track and and manage under performing loans. Not all portfolios are the same, but when looking at the entire portfolio of prosper loans, the subset of loans that went late and then became current again (i.e. loans that were Previously Late) have a pretty bad track record. The data for the past 3 years shows this group of loans will most likely lose you money. This tool allows you to monitor your portfolio for previously late loans and calculate how much you want to sell them for in order to meet your return objective. Once you sell your loans and enter the sales data this tool will calculate an updated return and loss estimate for your portfolio taking these sold loans into account and allow you to compare it to your unmodified return and loss estimate so you can see over time how your sale strategy is working and figure out ways to tweak it to work best for your portfolio.

Other Helpful Resources

Peter Renton over at Lend Academy posted a review of this site that includes a good video tutorial on some of the main features. If you are looking for a good primer on the site (or some information on p2p lending in general) I recommend you check out his site.

A handful of p2p lenders put together a forum to discuss p2p lending. There are a few discussions related to using this site there. I have been posting answers to questions asked about this site there and recommend it as another good resource.

Helpful hints for when using this site

  • The data on this site usually updates around 12:30pm (Eastern Time). If the site shows more than 0 loans that originated today (or yesterday if before 12:30pm) then it has the latest data. Prosper does not originate any new loans on the weekend, so you will always see 0's on Saturday and Sunday.
  • I tried to make the site bookmark friendly. So if you find yourself running the same search over and over (to watch your portfolio or find out where you are in the lender list) you can save yourself some time and bookmark the results page. This site is still in flux, so something might change which will require you to re-bookmark a page, but I plan to keep the site bookmark friendly.
  • I factored in a loss estimate for late loans based on historical averages. The Lend Academy post mentioned above includes a detailed explanation of this loss estimate.
  • Be sure to check out the Whats New page to see what has changed recently and what improvements I am thinking of doing next.

Keeping this site up and running

At some point I am sure I will not want to keep working on this site and paying to keep it running out of my own pocket. I am considering putting up a donation button and including ads, however I do not think that will provide consistent revenue. Since people are using this site to get higher returns on their Prosper investments, I am wondering if you feel the increases are enough to justify a subscription. To that end I am curious as to what set of features people would be willing to pay a modest yearly subscription fee for (if anything). If you would like to share your thoughts on the matter, please send me a message in the comment box below.

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